Wheel Alignment

Steer your Vehicle in the Right Direction

Does your vehicle tracks still as straight as an arrow? If so, congratulations! Your wheels are properly aligned. But what if it seems to be going in a different direction and uncontrollable? Well, it could be a sign that you need a tire alignment or wheel alignment – pronto! Actually, there are other couple of ways to tell if your car needs alignment. If you noticed one or more if these clues, might as well have your tire / wheel alignment checked by expert technicians or better yet the best company you can trust.

Have you ever experienced any of these when you’re driving?

Uneven Tire Wear
Low Gas Mileage
Frustrating pulls (from left or right) and sudden drifts away from the straight road.
Your steering wheel is off the centre when driving straight
Steering wheel vibration
Reduced Handling
Difficult to adjust wheel angles.

Wheel alignment is basically what you need to ensure that your vehicle is driving straight. But it is more than just that. Why? It is also linked to the other parts of your vehicles such as the tires’ condition, gas mileage and its’ impact on the structure of the steering equipment. As such, you will then have to worry in getting them fixed. Once the alignment is flawed, there is a higher chance of spending more money in repair and maintenance for the overall state of your vehicle. Plus it has unavoidable influence in terms of safety.

So if you want to have a great guarantee over potential issue of your driving becoming expensive and dangerous, then let us show how the alignment fix is done at its’ best – through our unparalleled service with the most cost-saving deals!

Why Should You Get an Alignment Service from Us?

The answer is simple and without a doubt true – because WE ARE THE ALIGNMENT EXPERTS!
Over the years, we have been the #1 Alignment Solution sought after by most auto owners across Fort Lauderdale. With us, wheel alignment will not be too hard for you to handle because of our incomparable service! We can help you to save more on gas, improved the lifespan of your tires, preserving steering and suspension systems as well as giving you the peace of mind in driving.

Above all, we make sure that there is lesser risk for your safety – totally free from any worries and stressing thoughts! For any troubles regarding Wheel Alignment Fort Lauderdale, we are the top choice who can help you! With our prompt service, we don’t offer empty promises but only the highest quality solutions that will give you exceptional customer satisfaction – 100% guaranteed!

Fix minor issues

We understand the necessity for its’ proper condition as it considered as one of the most crucial parts for any vehicle’s maintenance needs. It is because aside from your wheels, you should be checked regularly and fix minor issues regarding wheel alignment. It must be done right away at all cost, to prevent problems or any potential risks in the future.

Though there are some who find it hard to decide when is the right time to schedule an alignment. That is why, as part of our mission in providing satisfactory customer service, you can experience a reliable and helping hand at any moment’s need. With our 24/7 availability, you can ask for our help any time.

We have specially-designated staffs who are easy to contact and efficiently offer you a fast response assistance. After all, we believe that nothing can be a service who can understand your needs and wants while being able to effectively answer any of your questions – that is what customer service is all about which we dedicatedly live up to as the #1 Wheel Alignment Fort Lauderdale Service Provider!

Advanced Tire Alignment Fort Lauderdale Service And So Much More!

One of the major concerns when it comes to driving is about dealing with rough roads, smacking of a curb and occasional potholes that can be quite frustrating. When that happens, it is an uncomfortable ride indeed! As much as you want to steer your vehicle to a nicer path or turn it right to a clearer and less rough part of the road, your wheels stubbornly keep on being misaligned.

There are a lot of companies who constantly offer you “this-and-that-kind-of service” but unfortunately fail to deliver what is expected. Unlike them we always talk straight – no complicated terms just to sound like a professional. We don’t have to do anything dramatic because WE ARE THE TRUE ALIGNMENT PROFESSIONALS you can trust!
Our years of experience will be a solid proof of how we have dedicatedly built our reputation as the frontrunner in this industry. Each of our process and strategically-created service packages will provide precise solutions. Every technician and staff in our company is a certified alignment expert, highly-trained to be knowledgeable and skilful enough to thoroughly oversee any of your alignment needs – from every little detail.

We utilize the latest alignment technique, equipment or tools alongside with our computerized wheel alignment technology in order to get precise and accurate measurements. Initially, an alignment inspection will be issued so we can diagnose the cause of the problem. We will fix and adjust the alignment as thorough and fast as we can. Plus all of these will be at the most reasonable price rates.

We Will be Here For You

In every step of the way, we will be by your side to guide you and help you. We don’t just want you to enjoy driving but we also care about your safety. That is why, we also let you get involve by having a one-on-one interaction with you. We will discuss the process as well as recommend the right fix to match the specific alignment settings you want . So feel free to consult our expert technicians for all your concerns. And they would match your problems with the proper services that need to be conducted on your vehicle.

Rest assure you can have it all because purposely, we make sure that we serve our customers what they rightfully deserve in every penny.

For other car maintenance services, you can also count on us! Tex Tires also offers Brake Repair and Maintenance Services, Batteries, Balancing, Auto AC Repair, Wiper Blades and Accessories.

With us, you know that you are always on the right track. Come and visit us or call us today!