Five Problems on the Brake That Need to Stop

Five Problems on the Brake That Need to Stop

It is annoying when a situation doesn’t work just perfectly especially in the middle of the traveling time. For instance, the brakes aren’t functioning properly, though it can be absolutely dangerous. Brake problems can turn an unstable situation into something much worse. Learn the frequent brake problems and why they should have in the direction of a brake service.

There is unfamiliar sound when Brake

It is disgusting if unfamiliar sound or odd noises while press the brake pedal, the car is shouting for attention. Literally, conditions such wear out brake pads and brake rotor rust can cause a sharp noise when you hit the brake. A grinding noise can be caused by metal hitting metal, this means the brake pads are worn through. A brake service is needed by installing a new set of brake pads.

The Steering Wheel Shakes as Brake

Moreover, you will notice the steering wheel shaking in your hands as you brake, there is likely a problem with the rotors. The brake pads weigh down tightly on the rotors that lead the vehicle to a stop. Clamping down on rotors that are uneven will create a shaking sensation. Avoiding this problem can start with additional damage.

Your Car Pulls to one side when You brake

If your car change direction to one side when you press the brake, something is off balance in the braking system. There are common culprits, such as stuck calipers, collapse brake hoses, and worn-out rotors. An expert technician can identify the problem and obtain your car back on the straight and narrow.

Notice a difference in the resistance of the brake pedal

As a driver, you become familiar with the feel of your vehicle’s pedal. If you notice that your brake pedal sense differently, it is a red flag. An object like air in the brake lines, low brake fluid, or damage to different parts of your braking system can begin you brake to feel soft. When you notice changes in your brake’s resistance you need a safety inspection. 

You Notice Odd Smell When Apply the Brake

When you notice an obnoxious chemical smell when you step on the brake, pull over ASAP. Your brake may be overheating that could result in complete brake failure if neglected. Double check that your parking brake is off and let your brakes cool down.

If, bad smells continue and there is a smoke, the need for experienced technicians to examine the car. Smelly brakes are a warning sign for brake service.


Do not overlook on the red flag of the brake, especially during the one toughest season on the road. Stop by the local Tire Service for free brake inspection and service. Textire Florida has an experienced technician to help you and give you professional brake repair service. For this reason, You have the confidence to drive your car the next time after we repair your brake. Also, offer a free quotation for your car needs.

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