The Common Problem of a Tire

The tire is the only contact of the car on the road. Mostly, their safety is overlooked but frequently the problem occurs on the tire. To keep your tires perform in excellent condition is to avoid the common problem. We would like to give the common problem of the tire in this article.

Center Wear

The tire is worn down on the middle. The cause is overinflated, for this reason only the center of the tire is touching the road. Frequently, whoever drove the car had the only fraction of the rubber contacting the asphalt, so the traction suffered.

To know the right tire pressure, check the door placard or the car manual. Oftentimes, check the pressure of the tire when it is cold, before driving the car. If your pressure is accurate but you still see the center wear this means that the wheel and the tires are not properly matched.

Cracking and Bulging

Usually, this problem will occur from hitting a pothole, curb, or debris. Under-inflation and over-inflation making the tire into greater risk from impacts. Wide cracks in the sidewall that runs along the rim are either impact-related or caused by chronic under-inflation. Various slight cracks in the sidewall or tread blocks come from exposure to the elements and age. The rubber of the tire like a leather interior needs treating to prevent cracking, by using a rubber protectant. Bulging that looks like a pimple oftentimes seen in the sidewall of the tire. It occurs when there’s an impact that causes internal damage, mstly the damage will show up until a week or a month. 

Cupping or well known as Scalloping

This appears when broken suspension components purpose the tire to rebound as it travels. Likely, going down harder on some spots of the tire than others. The usual problem of the tire is a Bad shock, all that attach the wheel to the rest of the car is a culprit. Be attentive on checking the problem. Occasionally, the shops incorrectly identify the cause as feathering or heel-toe. Also, a wheel that is out of balance can cause cupping.

Diagonal Swipe

Diagonal swipe mostly saw on the rear of the front-wheel-drive of the car with an incorrect toe setting. Incorrect tire rotation intervals may also cause a diagonal swipe. Furthermore, time and again if the trunk of the car carries heavy loads, it may change the geometry of the suspension leading to diagonal swipe.

Outer-Edge Wear

The cause is the inside and outside edge is worn out but the middle is not. This is the revealing sign of underinflation. Too little pressure is the most dangerous condition of the tire, as it will bend more and the heat that form can cause a blowout. To prevent this problem need a monthly check up on the tire. Don’t just confidently trust the car’s tire pressure monitoring system to know if the car is low on air.


This is just a common problem of the tire that we need to give attention. It is essential to have a monthly check up on the tire to avoid a problem that may cause accident or trouble on the car.


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