Common Problem of The Car

Common Problem of The Car

Car is very important necessity around the world that would help many people like older people, disabled people and children. Moreover, in hardly populated areas, owning a car is very more important for it allow a convenient to travel a long distance because of less public transportation. In view of this, car maintenance is much necessary. Here are some problem that will encounter of a car owner.

The Gear Box

Overheating is the generally issue of a gear box, thus, this can cause the reduce of the gear box lifespan. To identify and stop overheating, an assessment and examine of mechanical equipment is important.


Check the headlight, dim lights or brake light is an indication of charging breakdown and resistance in the electrical system. Poor alternator is commonly the cause of dim lights when trouble arise such as loose wire, slipping belt, and corrosion are not found.


One sign of a bad clutch is noise when the car is in neutral. Another is squealing or howling when the pedal is push or a grinding sound when shift gear.


The primary operation of a turbocharger surround a turbine and a compressor on a common shaft. The turbine is compelled by exhaust gas, which in turn drives the compressor that injects compressed air into the engine. Turbocharge is the expensive mistakes that the car may develop.


When the car begin to build abnormal sounds, noises, and sensation signal a brake problem start to check the issue. Waiting will only bring the condition worsen that lead to an expensive cost of repair or replacement.


The alternator is a part of the electronic system of the vehicle. The main part of the alternator is to supply power to operate the starter, ignition, and all the electronic accessories of the car. If the headlight or dashboard lights starting to dim the alternator begin to die.

Cylinder head gasket

The specific cause of a damaged head gasket is maximum engine temperature. If the head gasket blows, the oil and coolant passageway will begin to leak, providing both liquids to enter places where they do not belong creating more damage.

Air-con condenser

An air-con is necessary for odd hot days. Mold or mildew may have acquire in the evaporator core from residual moisture that take place during the cooling process. In addition, a hose has come loose is one main cause of air-con condenser problem.

EGR Value

There are different symptoms when the EGR goes bad but they don’t always occur at the same time. If driving a car with an EGR issue it needs to know what to check when the system goes bad. Bad gas mileage, lack of Power during idling, and lack of power during accelerator.

Window motor/ regulator

Problems of window regulators are basic. A busted window regulator cable can generate the window to fall down inside the door. The main symptoms of this is the unusual sound when a window is moving up and down.


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